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I enjoyed my time with this game!
I too had some issues with ladders, and with the health bar taking up a sizeable chuck of screen in the first area (then shrinking to normal afterwards).
My advice to you would be to make everything a bit more cramped, or make the player take damage when trying to pass enemies. There was nothing stopping the player from merely running to the end of the level completely unscathed.
Really digging the aesthetic here though, interested to see where this project goes!


Thank you for you'r feedback, we are also thinking of making some enemys who can't be stunlocked in addition to what you have pointed out.



I know that this is just a prototype. Just wanna pointing out some things -

Really need to improve how the hero climb up/down the ladder, it’s easy to get stuck there.

When I pressed E, nothing happens.

That being said, good prototype overall. I like it.


Thank you for giving our prototype a try. Hope you had a good time.

We plan on reworking the ladders. As for the second NPC this bug never happend when testing will look more in depth.


Also, just wanna to make sure - no boss has been implemented yet in the demo correct?


Yes, initialy we wanted to make an ending cutscene with a boss but time was short so we just made a mini credits screen.